Medical Qi Gong for Health & Wellbeing

Laurence is a TQH Medical Qi Gong instructor. She offers education and coaching in holistic healthcare, nursing and healing bodywork. 

The Medical Qi Gong system of TQH find it's foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Taoist philosophy and carries Buddhist values. It is a profound healing system that goes beyond the limitations of the allopathic healthcare system. With a holistic view on the human functioning it helps and supports people in transforming unhealthy habits of mind and physical into a healthier way of being.

If you are interested in a private sessions or you would like to know more about the group sessions and retreats, please contact or fill in the contact form.

Laurence Carlier

Qualified Nurse and Medical Qi Gong Instructor in the TQH-system.

Home based: Gent, Belgium, Europe. 

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